Help us support children & families in need

Frequently asked questions

How much of my donation is spent on the child needing support?

The Link Foundation is run entirely by volunteers therefore in excess of 95% of your donation is spent changing the life of a young person

I have read one of your impact stories and would like to donate to a particular family

We can certainly allocate your donation to a specific family’s need.

Can I get an update of the family I have bought an item for?

Unfortunately many of the children we support are in the care system and it is not possible to provide personal updates.  When we receive feedback we always highlight on our social media,  please do follow us.

What age range do you support?

0 – 18 years plus support for 19 year olds as they leave the care system.

Can I support in a practical way?

Yes! Become an advocate.  Tell your friends, family and colleagues and raise awareness of our charity.  If you would like to host a fundraiser , get in touch, we are always keen to brainstorm and support your challenges.