Our work

Helping children & families in difficult situations

One in 4 children in South East live in poverty*. Around 1 in 10 are either sharing a bed or sleeping on the floor.

The Link Foundation children’s charity believe that every child deserves a safe, happy and comfortable start in life with the basic essentials many of us take for granted.

We have no political agenda and aim to help all children and families in disadvantaged circumstances, regardless of background, race or religion. The children we help include those living with a disability, children who have suffered parental illness, loss or desertion, and children whose parents are struggling on a low income.

*A child is considered to be growing up in poverty if they live in a household whose annual income is below 60% of the average (median) income for that year. In 2023 that is equivalent to a family having an annual income of £19200 or less.

Theo is having chemotherapy and lives in a cold home with little in the way of home comforts.

A cancer diagnosis for a young baby

We were cooking on a camping stove and washing clothes in the bath

Sarah and her family were left with nothing when the bailiffs arrived

The Link Foundation provided baby milk when the cupboard was bare

My baby was hungry and I was desperate

My husband’s death has left us with large debts

My children are having a tough time coming to terms

Imani and friends have settled in their school

Education for Imani and her friends

‘I sold my bed for £20 to buy food for my brother and sister’

The Link Foundation really helped us to get back on track

How do we help the local community?

  • Providing much needed essentials

    Families in financial difficulty are supported with food, toiletries and other everyday essentials

  • Supported housing

    The Link Foundation helps families by providing support as they settle into their new homes.

  • Parental Illness

    We support children in families where illness or bereavement has had a devastating effect on their lives.

  • Helping young care leavers

    Leaving the care system can be a scary and lonely time. We  provide support during the transition period to independence.

  • Providing support for children with a disability

    From providing specialist equipment to supporting families living with mental illness challenges, we work with our partners to alleviate the challenges faced on a daily basis.

  • Support for those in harms way

    Working with our partner charities we help families as they restart their lives having left a refuge or temporary accommodation.

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