Real Stories

We were cooking on a camping stove and washing clothes in the bath

After witnessing the bailiffs take away all of our belonging, my children were really sad, it’s had a huge effect on all of us.


A family of four living a ‘comfortable’ life with financial stability and children thriving at school, had their world tipped upside down when their business began to fail and they eventually became bankrupt.  Bailiffs arrived and took anything of value including the television, washing machine, cooker and any other electrical items of value. They subsequently had the family home repossessed.

Sarah’s family were washing their clothes in the bath and cooking meals on a camping stove, which was making day to day life incredibly tough.  Thankfully, the children’s school became aware of the family’s situation and were able to discreetly offer the use of the school’s washing machine outside of school hours.

The children’s school got in touch to ask if we could help the family by providing a washing machine for their new rental property.

‘Receiving the washing machine after my husband’s business went bankrupt has completely changed our lives. I don’t have to spend hours hand washing clothes and expensive trips to the launderette. My children can go to school in clean clothes and play amongst their friends and be just like everyone else.