Real Stories

‘I sold my bed for £20 to buy food for my brother and sister’

Having fled Afghanistan to protect his youngest sister from a forced marriage, the family had no access to public funds and were hungry

Ahmed, 17, is living with his Mum and two younger siblings in basic accommodation having fled Afghanistan to save his 15 year old Sister from a forced marriage. With Mum not able to speak any English, Ahmed has taken responsibility for the household . He is working 20 hours a week and attending school to study for his A levels.  The family  frequently go hungry and things became so tough that Ahmed sold his bed for £20 to buy food for his brother and sister.    

We needed to urgently get Ahmed a bed as he was sleeping on the floor, tired and unable to concentrate fully at school. Every child deserves equal access to education and without a laptop Ahmed was at a disadvantage. We worked with a local business who as part of IT upgrade were looking to rehome some laptops. Ahmed was given a laptop to help him with his studies and he is on track to complete his A levels and look at university places.